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As for this Kurume-shi barrier-free map, person with a disability and elderly person accompanying one, infants goes out in peace in town of Kurume,
We introduce barrier-free information such as public facilities to extend field of activities.
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We look for from facility names
We can search from keywords such as facility names such as Kurume-shi government offices, facilities name such as wheelchair-adaptive restroom.
Search by Map
From map in Kurume-shi, we can look for facility with barrier-free facilities.
We look for with kind of facility
We can perform search of facility with barrier-free facilities from hospital, kind of facility including commercial facilities including government offices.
We look for with barrier-free facilities
We can perform search from multifunctional restroom, barrier-free facilities including wheelchair mark indication parking lot.
About pictogram
Portable site QR
Portable site is available, too.
About publication facility
Public building and park of city, facility, station building of country, prefecture play a key role, but publish medical institution in the city or private store by open call for participants. Among public facilities, we still less place information about barrier-free about facility (elementary and junior high school, nursery school, welfare institution) where user is identified.
Publication offers such as medical institution, store
We raise publications such as medical institution, store. About publication application
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Kurume-shi government office 15-3, Jonanmachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
 Welfare for the Handicapped Section phone number: 0942-30-9035
FAX number: 0942-30-9752